Rwanda and The Adventure Through Hills

Rwanda is a small but mighty country, the attraction comes from it's wild world with hundreds of poetic hills that create a great habitat for animals. This country is also the shelter of plenty of bird species including many rare ones, so here is a birdwatcher’s paradise

Travelers are also impressed by Rwandan culture. People are hospitable and friendly, plastic bags are banned, and a unique custom is that the last Saturday of every month is dedicated to community service.

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Rwanda Top Unmissable Places

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Volcanoes national park

In this place, you can witness one of the greatest creatures in the world: Mountain gorilla, which remarkably increases the number of individuals throughout a long period thanks to government efforts to save them from extinction.

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King’s palace museum

You will be surprised once you know this museum is nothing but a hut from old ages. However, that little hut is one of the most historically meaningful places all over Rwanda. It was built in the middle of the 20th century, in the age of king Mutara 3.

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Kivu lake

Have you ever thought and tried to imagine a lake in the middle of a desert? This lake will shock you from the moment you see it in real life and the way they build surrounding decorations. If we do not tell you that it is a lake, you will immediately think about a beach.

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Ethnographic museum

Was gifted by the Belgian government as an Icon of peace and independence of the Republic of Rwanda, Ethnographic museum is located in Kigali. This building is the place to exhibit some of the greatest ethnographical and archeological artifacts.

Best travel experiences

Gorilla trekking


Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking


Visit King Mutara 3 palace

Gorilla trekking


Visit Kivu lake

Gorilla trekking


Visit Ethnographic museum in Kigali

Gorilla trekking


Explore Nyungwe forest national park

Gorilla trekking


Explore Akagera national park

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